Imexco, KS Tools brand

Hexagon Key


We offer hex keys with the most diverse profiles from 0.7 mm to 36.0 mm and 3/64“ to 1“ in various surface coatings.
KS TOOLS hex keys are precision engineered from special steel to DIN/ISO.  Manufactured to the optimum hardness and elasticity for your application.

 Models available: Hexagon Key Wrench, Ball Ended Hexagon Key Wrench, Hexagon Key Wrench Sets, Five Star Profile Tamperproof Key Wrench, Ribe Tamperproof Key Wrench, Ribe Hexagon Key Wrench Sets, T-Handle Nut Screwdriver, T-Handle Hexagon Socket Key Wrench, T-Handle Ball Ended  Hexagon Socket Key Wrench, T-Handle TX-Key Wrench, T-Handle TX-Hexagon Key Wrench & T-Handle TX-Ball Ended Key Wrench.

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