Imexco, AEG brand

PS 305DG

MITRE SAW 1800W 305MM PS 305DG


  • Double inclination from 0 to 47 ┬░ right and left
  • Truncation capability up to 60 ┬░ left and right
  • Sturdy base that optimally resists the vibrations of the miter saw
  • This popular compound miter saw comes standard with a 305mm x 60 tooth blade
  • The product has the dimensions 67 x 55 x 101 cm & weights 31 kg

The AEG model PS 305 DG radial miter saw has a powerful 1,800 W motor that delivers 4,400 rpm. It stands out for its large cutting capabilities which include a huge maximum cut of 343mm x 111mm at 90 ┬░.

With double bevel 0 - 47 ┬░ left or right and 60 ┬░ half guide left or right, this compound miter saw is perfect for mites. It is made of a sturdy cast iron construction with a large table area.There is a cam lock for quick angle adjustment.

Power input (w) 1800 Blade diameter (mm) 305
Blade length (mm) 30.5 Weight (kg) 31

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