Imexco, KS Tools brand



Polished, powder coated, nickel plated, bronzed, produced from chrome vanadium or special tool steel - we have a comprehensive assortment of pliers available for you. Select the pliers to suit your individual needs.
Here you have a choice of dipped or 2 component handles with ergonomic design.

Selection consists  of: Combination Plier, Flat Plier , Long Nose Plier , Telephone Plier , Cutting & Side Cutters Plier , Wire Stripper Plier , Universal Sets Plier , water Pump Plier , Pipe Wrench, Fitter Plier, Circlip Plier for Internal & External Circlip, Locking Pliers, Riveting Pliers, Crimping Plier, Bolt Cutter, Automotive Clip Removal Plier, Hose Clamp Plier & Hose Strip Cutter Plier.

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